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Marko Gusić


Marko Gusić (HR)

Marko Gusić was born in Ljubljana. He moved to Zagreb where he completed his Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban planning at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. During his studies, he worked at OFIS Architects in Ljubljana. He participated and won awards in various open competitions during this time: Swimming pool in Špansko-Oranice (1st prize), Renovation and reconstruction of the former DTR building in Krajiška Street (3rd prize), Production of the urbanistic and architectural solution for the beautification of the space west of the Zakmardy Palace in Habdelićeva Street, Varaždin (2nd prize). Between 2017 and 2021, he was working full-time at Njiric+ architects studio. During this period he was part of numerous competitions.
These include: Large scale urban planning for the new Split region called Korešnica (1st prize), Kamensko residential complex (1st prize), Infirmary Gračani (1st prize), Podbrežje kindergarten (special mention), Sesvetski Kraljevec kindergarten (5th  place), Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service building, Zagreb (5th  place) Swimming pool Dubrava (3rd  prize).
Marko currently lives and works in Zagreb.

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